Luis Miguel Gil

Co-Founder & CEO of mentta

Co-founder of, a mobile app where people can buy groceries directly from farmers, gourmet food, bio, eco or specialized food stores. No matter where you are in Spain, they bring you the best products. As marketplace, and specifically food marketplace, things are not easy, but they are on market both with big pure players and small village-shops bringing together over 8000 different products.

Before that, after quitting his job, he spent 2 year with his own company, Tecnoria, building really great apps, achieving hundreds of thousands downloads without any marketing, working from Spain and Washington D.C.

He also worked before to earn money instead of spend it 🙂 in an insurance company (Plus Ultra) where his team built an advanced car insurance system, in a Core banking software (Temenos) spending half of the time working from Bangkok, Thailand and in a multiplatform digital entertainment company (Zed) when first smartphones started to appear. Boston (Massachusetts) and Wales (UK) were also his house and place to work and study for some time.